The Story

Behind every engineering success story are tales of a kid who would take apart his toys, tinker with dad's tools and perform free disassembly services on electronics devices, upsetting family members and friends.  An overactive imagination that would demand sketching and doodling in every boring class, leading to subpar grades in irrelevant study topics.

The road to the creation of Prototype Monster is a long one, filled with lessons from industry heavyweights and well-seasoned veterans of design and manufacturing.  The creation of this company was preceded by learning and mastery of a very particular skillset.  This skillset is now provided to entrepreneurs in a compact, easy to understand, but thorough fashion.

I’m Tony Suarez


I’m Tony Suarez, owner of Prototype Monster and my passion is in developing and manufacturing new products.  Truth is, nothing in life is as sweet as the joy of reaching the marketplace with an innovative and unique new product that improves the life of its users, and provides a source of income to the inventor-entrepreneur.  I have helped launch products in the fields of aerospace, automotive, consumer products, garments, home & car audio, LED lighting, medical devices, search and rescue equipment, tools and more.  I possess extensive knowledge of FDA regulations, food safety regulations, ISO compliance, mass manufacturing, short run fabrication, sourcing and much more.

I have 21+ years of product development, engineering, design and project management experience as well as a business background which aids in the proper guidance of new product development and launches.  I provide support and development services for entrepreneurs, small businesses and corporations.  Some of these services include product evaluation, design, engineering, prototyping, factory sourcing, manufacturing management and importing.

  • Bachelor of Science, Industrial Design, Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, 1998 – 2002

  • Business Administration Studies, Florida International University, 2006 – 2007

My career path began after university studies as an apprentice, learning to program CNC mills and lathes, and eventually crafting high-precision CNC metal and plastic parts for a variety of industries including aerospace, automotive, military and medical fields, as well as consumer products and many others.  Continued learning in the field allowed me to expand onto 5-axis milling, EDM and sheet metal, injection molding, extrusions and others.  This foundation would pave the way for the future.

Subsequent product developer and mechanical designer roles allowed me to learn the nuances of design, engineering and effective product launches with a variety of design teams and valued mentorships by entrepreneurs that inspired a heightened sense of engineering awareness and work ethic.

With great pride, I aim to fulfill the demand for knowledgeable product development and manufacturing specialists that possess the experience and proven trajectory to bring ideas to market successfully.

What We Do

I offer customized a-la-carte services that help move your idea into manufacturing and beyond.  I teach my clients how to think like entrepreneurs, and provide a framework for continued personal development that includes a scheme for analysis of competitor products, a granular breakdown of the processes involved as well as the personalized coaching necessary to cross the finish line successfully.

I invite you to review our Learning Center to learn about the major topics involved with your entrepreneurship journey.  If after reading these you still feel you are on the right path, I invite you to select one of our Consultation Packages.

Product Design Engineer Summary

  • 21+ years of design, engineering, manufacturing and commercialization experience in a wide range of fields.

  • Senior level mechanical design of complex machines, electromechanical devices, inventions and packaging.

  • Familiar with interdisciplinary engineering efforts and the iterative product development process.

  • Vast experience in design for manufacturing and assembly (DFMA) of commercial products.

  • Experience with soft goods, cut-and-sew and ‘push-pull’ garment production.

  • Significant CPM and gate-based project management experience.

  • Product lifecycle management from concept to manufacture.

Professional Experience

Product Development & Engineering

  • ACR Electronics

  • B/E Aerospace

  • Bellefit

  • JL Audio

  • Liteglow Industries

  • Medtronic

  • Vapor Shark

Other Roles

  • Factory Acceptance Testing

  • Factory Automation & Optimization

  • Fulfillment & Warehouse Consulting

  • Import/Export Consulting

  • International Procurement & Logistics

  • Market Research & Analysis

  • Product Lifecycle Management

  • Project Management

CNC Operator & Programmer

  • Ligi Tool & Engineering

  • United Electronics Corporation

Fields of Work

  • As Seen on TV Inventions

  • Aerospace Devices & Installations

  • Automated Assembly Equipment

  • Automated Production Equipment

  • Automated Test Fixtures

  • Automotive & Home Audio

  • Automotive Parts & Accessories

  • Automotive Suspension Components

  • Chemicals & Cleaning Compounds

  • Cosmetics & Perfume Bottles

  • Dental Tools & Devices

  • Exhibits & Trade Show Displays

  • Food & Candy Products

  • Footwear

  • Graphics & Signage

  • Handheld Tools (Manual & Electronic)

  • Home Brewery Equipment

  • Home Decor & Fixtures

  • Interior and Exterior Car Accessories

  • Kitchen Cabinetry & Countertops

  • LED Lighting (Home & Industrial)

  • Marine-Grade Hardware & Parts

  • Medical Devices (Class I, II & III)

  • Motorized Scooters & Carts

  • Office & Restaurant Stationery

  • Packaging (Disposable & Modular)

  • Pet Products

  • Poolside Products

  • Search & Rescue Equipment

  • Smoking Devices & Paraphernalia

  • Specialty Hardware

  • Sunglass Accessories

  • Vapor Mods & Mechanicals

  • Vapor Atomizer Tanks & Drippers

  • Water Purifiers & Filters



Trust is the most important component of our business.  Clients are protected by a legally binding Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement.  This agreement extends to our employees, contractors and suppliers.  We work exclusively with DocuSign digital NDA system, if you have a proprietary NDA you would like us to sign, please submit it via email.  If you would like to sign our document, please visit our Non-Disclosure Agreement page.

Work For Hire & Ownership Rights

We pride ourselves in providing solutions for our clients, including idea development, invention engineering and patent development in a “work for hire” fashion, meaning, you own the rights of all intellectual property including any new technology that is created by us during the process of product development.  During commercialization and sales, you, the business owner, retains full ownership rights over the product.  All revenue stemming from the sale of products we develop are for the benefit of the business owner.  This business model allows us to provide fast, affordable turnaround services.

About the Firm

Prototype Monster was founded in 2017.  Our 3,000+ sq. foot Miami Lakes office offers the perfect mix of office space for engineering staff, prototyping and assembly machinery and congregation areas.

Prototype Monster, Inc.

16969 NW 67th Avenue

Hialeah, FL 33015

Suite 201

Phone: (305) 521-9080

Email: info@prototypemonster.com

Office Hours:

Monday thru Thursday 9AM - 5PM

Fridays we are closed to the public.

No walk-ins are accepted.

By appointment only.

Face masks are optional.

We are located 1 block north off 826 (Exit on NW 67th Ave, Ludlam Road).  Our offices are in the Guy Brickman State Farm Building next to the Marathon gas station.  We are on the 2nd floor, in Suites 201, 203 and 205.  Please use the Suite 201 entry.  Please double check the final destination on your GPS.


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Tony Suarez

Owner Operator

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Paul Lando

Director of Engineering

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Robert Fernandez

Business Development

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John Cathey

Senior Designer

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Lei Qiu

China Production Management

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Michele Bloise

Administrative Assistant

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